4: Fear ends today – Over and above temptation


Part four: Fear ends today- Over and above temptation

Through the second and the third part on temptations, it was shown how the lie and the illusion became more solid and more confirmed in you. Until they became your life. From then on, this false mental image of yourself became you. All of us suspected it – somewhere in the hidden hallways of our inner being-sometimes a thought, a little spark came on that reminded us that things don’t really make full sense, that we are not going where we thought we were; but those brief thoughts were always overshadowed by the intense desire for more-more sexual pleasure, more safety and belonging, more acceptance through sexual activities. More, more, more. We became addicts for safety in homosexual thoughts, words, life and action.

Now is the time to answer the original question “How to overcome stubborn temptations?”

By changing your focus from illusion to the truth; by turning around and changing the course of your daily life towards REAL safety, acceptance and belonging. It is enough of the erroneous belonging, isn’t it?

  • You can know that this guy or a girl that you are with are not going to give you the lasting peace. You have already felt it and seen it. You already have your doubts because your hope to find a meaning in a gay relationship probably didn’t happen-you are still looking for that missing piece of yourself.
  • You know that a big penis or a wide-open vagina in porn does nothing else but help you have an orgasm. The smiles and happy-looking people enjoying same-sex intercourse have nothing to do with love – their smiles and happy faces actually show what you want and what you are missing deeply, but in real life there are no lasting smiles there. That is porn, not life. At least not for you. Isn’t it so?
  • You may know that gay masturbations help nothing but keep the falsity alive. Inside your mind, while doing it, again you are looking for a happy face who is very pleased and happy with you. Even in those moments of a lustful movie in your mind, you are looking for acceptance and love. The same goes with online gay chat places and so on.

It is all a falsity that leads nowhere good. It is the illusion that creates a mockery. Mockery of you and your original beauty and greatness.

You are ready for the lasting love, acceptance, safety and belonging. You are ready for Jesus.

How to do it? How to get rid of that stomach wrenching moment when the gay feeling hits you in your chest and in your stomach?

1. Don’t freak out. It imposes itself as a safe harbor for acceptance and belonging. But YOU can now KNOW that such things are not there. Don’t fight it and don`t make a big deal out of it. It came naturally to you because it is your habit. You are used to it. You need it like a drug, in order to keep moving. So now, you keep moving, but away from it and toward Jesus. More and more. He IS the SAFEST harbor and the place of acceptance and belonging. Do not pay attention to temptation. Pay attention to God. Pay…attention! GIVE attention to God.

2. Love yourself. When temptation knocks on the door, it knocks to remind you that you need your injection of safety. You don’t open that door. It is standing there. You don’t open it. You turn around and open another door: door of truth.

3. How do you open the door of truth? By REMEMBERING that you are, at that moment, looking for safety and love. Then you open your lips and start praising God in any way you want to. Or simply you remember what is going on, why temptation came and you…smile; Breathe in and out and relax in the fact that you are loved and that you are OK and that you do NOT need another same-sex person to fulfill you or make you feel accepted, through sexuality. You ARE accepted. You DO belong, already!

4. Guys, find the Bible verses that affirm your masculinity and manhood. Girls, find the Bible verses that affirm your femininity and womanhood.
All of you, find the verses that will show you that you are COMPLETE! Find them and let them go deep within your soul. That way you will realize that you are getting complete from within, and that you do NOT need another person for that. If, for example, you don’t like your height, you will NOT need a tall person to affirm you in that gay relationship.

Look diligently, some verses are easy to spot; others are a bit hidden but only wait for you to find them so that they (those verses) may reveal themselves to you.

You will BE TAUGHT by God Himself to TEACH your own self that THAT is the real safety – that you are SAFE! And your body and whole being will become more and deeper satisfied with this newly found source of belonging.

5. Find your own way how to learn to love yourself and everything about yourself. Everything. Through the Bible you can learn to CONSCIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY love yourself. You are then in the process of renewing your mind, just as the Apostle Paul explains.

6. Just like before you became a slave to old habits of homosexuality and perverse thinking by doing them more and more, so now, by the same method, but with different ingredients,  you will become a slave to right thinking, talking and living. Your old ways will become obsolete and no longer needed – you will see them for what they really were: the ugly lie created for your self defense from the rejection and weakness developed early in your life. And then…

…Love will come. And Love will set you free. Jesus will set you free.

And, as you can see for yourself, the title here is “Fear ends today- Over and above temptation”. What does that mean? It does not mean that all temptations will be killed and gone. Some will, some maybe won’t. What it means is that there is no reason to fear them, they are not your identity but they serve a higher purpose – purpose of you coming ever closer to God and always remembering to put Him first. You are to be over and above them. And you CAN. Soon you will know for yourself that most homosexual temptations will be gone, and if those few remain, well, you can laugh at them and live your life in a new way, always.

Pray. Follow God alone. This series on temptations may be your life story fully, or to some degree. You are you.  You and God together – that is how you will know, for yourself, your story – your life. God bless you.

We have been so much brainwashed into homosexuality- flush that garbage OUT! Nov/5/2017NEW THINKING HERE!

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