“And Mary said, behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word…”
Luke 1:38

It took a long long time for me to say those words to God. For years I tried it “be it unto me according to thy word, but how I want it and how I see it fit.” I demanded my way and went around pulling my hair out of frustration. I forcefully demanded that gay feelings disappear right away, or else… I demanded instantaneous sex with a woman (to prove myself I wasn’t gay any more), insisted on having a million dollars stack and being the coolest guy in town. It didn’t happen like that.

The lasting change started to happen only when I said Mary’s words from this verse and meant them from the deepest core of my being. I needed to de-throne myself and accept God as my only King and Leader. Whoa, what a relief that was!

With my way being out of the way, God was very happy to step in and take over. He is one awesome Father and impressive expert in healing. God, I am impressed!

Further read: Isaiah 55.
It is a wise decision to leave your way behind and to go God’s way. Check out the result of that decision towards the end of chapter 55.

We have been so much brainwashed into homosexuality- flush that garbage OUT! Nov/5/2017NEW THINKING HERE!

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