First Steps-All Important


1. Once you confessed and repented of your sins and asked God for forgiveness, you are forgiven for ever! You are not the victim. God loves you! You are His child. This is a fact! TRUST!

2. Read the Bible – Daily! Every day fill your mind with the Truth! Reading and obeying His Word fully, is your task.

3. You have all the power you need to activate your faith. It is up to you. By reading the Bible every day, you are SHOWING the faith in action.
Our faith is a very practical and doable state of mind and activity. DO IT!

Example #1: Jesus teaches us not to worry. Also Jesus teaches that whoever believes and repents will be forgiven. This is a fact. So when you start to worry about your past sins and “what if…” train of thoughts comes and the fears start growing in you, REMEMBER that Jesus told us not to worry and that your sins are forgiven and forgotten, forever. That is your FAITH IN ACTION, to confess those Words in that moment. Your fear will be gone within minutes. Repeat as much as needed.

Example #2: You walk down the street and you see a hot, sexy, same-sex person. The thoughts and pictures come, feelings come. CUT them by REFOCUSING on the Word of God that you read that morning. Accept the feeling, don’t resist it, but switch your attention to faith in God and His word. Repeat until the past pictures become weaker and finally disappear.

4. Become the master of your mind.  Change it, mold it , reshape it by the Word of God. It is your task to be very careful about WHAT is entering your mind.

5. Do not trust your feelings. For now. Your feelings are NOT the evidence of who you really are. They only show where your focus is. Nothing more than that. The same rule goes for sexual feeling, no matter how strong it is. Feelings change.

6. Follow the Word and not the world. Close the door of your mind to any song, article, play, movie, suggestion, conversation and behavior that is not according to the Bible. Throw it out of your life! Open the door to the message and Love of Jesus only! 

7. Be persistent! Do not give up because you don’t “feel” or “see” any change. That means nothing. We live by faith. Every Word of God is a good seed. Water it always and be persistent and patient.

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We have been so much brainwashed into homosexuality- flush that garbage OUT! Nov/5/2017NEW THINKING HERE!

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