Dirty movies


Many of you are addicted to it. Don’t think so? Just check your behaviour: somehow you just wanna go there for a peek, once a week, once a day, or maybe every 6 hours, taking it like a drug.

Porn is a killer. Every time you run to watch the porn, you are basically saying: Killer! I am coming to you, kill me a little bit more today.

And it does. It will slowly and effectively remove your natural desire for sexual expression with the person you love. Because chances are that there is no one that you love. Because in the process of killing you, the porn distorted your view on love and now you are probably going around, viewing every guy or a girl through sexual organs and some other intimate parts. If you have been a friend of porn for long enough, you probably don’t even want a deep, loving relationship, all you want is “it”. And you think you are smart and cool.

Breaking news: Healthy men don’t want to be with 2 or 3 women, or men; healthy women do not care about being with 2 or 3 men, or women, or in some mix. Healthy peoples’ priorities are not various wild poses and screaming in ecstasy.

What you keep on watching is an illusion of life, a very ugly version of it and you cannot keep watching porn and not expect miserable consequences in your life, on your personality, character and desires. Every time you watch it, you allow it to grow deeper into you. It is the seed for a dysfunctional mind. You are paying a very high price, you are paying with your life and common sense.

In real life what matters is love, deep relationship that includes communication, intimacy, sharing and growing together, as well as sex- one man and one woman- into the fullness of the relationship. It involves trust and commitment. No one wants to depend on male or female private parts when life matters are in question.

Some say: “What’s the big deal? I go watch porn for fun and pleasure.” Well, when you accept porn as a part of your life and behaviour, sooner or later you will expect that people around you behave the same. You will want to hop on anyone and you will wonder why the person does not want the same. Then, since your twisted desires cannot get fulfilled in a healthy way, because you don’t know what healthy is, you will go out and through ads, bars, and other meeting places you will want to find that one who is willing to do a thing just as the porn shows. As the result, afterwards, there are two damaged people trying to produce a working relationship on a very ugly and unreal foundation. And the misery grows…

Get away from porn today!

People, from the first day that you got yourself into pornography, understand that you have been actually looking for love all along. Looking for love is normal and ok. We all need and want love. There is no love in porn. Never has been, never will be.

Run away from it and more importantly, know where you are running to! Run to Jesus. He will heal all the wounds and twisted ways that pornography produced in you. He is Love that you are looking for. And He is for you.




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