I want to share with you the main things, main actions that helped me on my way from being miserable, fearful and depressed gay to being a free and healthy man.

Probably the most important word that transforms into action: BELIEVE.

I will write it again: BELIEVE. And again: BELIEVE! And again: BELIEVE!!!

Believe in the amazing, transforming power of Jesus Christ and His Word! Believe that His power is for You! Jesus loves you completely and this leads me to the first step on the road to the healthy, new you:

1. READ THE BIBLE – Daily! Not once a week or once a month. Every day fill your mind with words that show You just how much God loves You! You really don’t know this enough. So I will write it again: Jesus loves You! Hey there! Still it didn’t sink in?  Jesus loves You and He knows that the sin in you is not who you are. Allow Him to remove the sin from you. He is the expert cleaner. You allow Him to take your sins away by READING, DOING, LIVING AND OBEYING His Word fully. The only way to obey His word is to know the Word and the only way to know it is to read it.

Another important step on this road to life is:

2. That thing between your ears is called the mind. It can be molded, shaped, changed at your will. Change it, mold it , reshape it by the Word of God. In addition, you may want to look for books that guide you and teach you about your mind, how to use it and how to become the master of it. As my dear friend recently told me: “Everything begins and ends in mind! It’s not about government, people’s opinions, politics, what is popular or whatever else. It is all happening in  our minds- what we choose to keep in and what must go out.” Everything begins and ends in mind. Just be sure that the books you read go hand in hand with the Word of God. Always make the Bible your main point of reference. If the book doesn’t agree with the Bible, throw that book away. You don’t need it.

Let’s move on along the road to the new, real you:

3. Do not trust your feelings. For the time being. Your current feelings are here because of what you have been thinking and living for a certain period of time. These feelings of doubt, sex lust, desire, fear, disgust, want for love and other feelings are now in you because of your past and present thinking about lust, desire, disgust, love and other stuff.

Sexual feeling is strong, wonderful, God given. Because it is so strong, we pay more attention to it than to other feelings. Still it is only a feeling. Now that you are confused, in the middle of the fight for your life, you cannot trust that feeling to guide you. It is like that and that’s it.

Another step that is priceless is this:

4. Follow God’s direction fully! Completely. No negotiation and no picking what you like and leaving out what you don’t like. It must be 100%. Always remember that God created you, He designed you and He knows better!

5. If you have a parent, relative or friend who is with you on this journey and knows what is your trouble, treat them like gold! They are priceless! Word of caution: You can rely only on the person who knows Jesus, who is fully committed to Jesus Christ and who will not play games with you. It must be someone special who has no other interest in you but to see you healthy and happy! It must be someone who loves you!If you don’t have such a person in your life now, that’s ok. God knows that and He is the closest friend anyway. Allow that person to help you and to be like the strong arm that you can lean on.

For now, more steps on this exciting road to life:

6. You can find books and articles written by people who were homosexuals and were also healed by God. Their testimony and maybe my testimony can play a critical and all important role in your healing. There is something so encouraging when you know that this was done before and that whatever you are going through, others went through the same fire and they came out on the other side as winners!

7.  Be patient! Please be very patient with yourself. If change happens very quickly – Great! I know it happened before like that. And if it takes more time, it is still ok. Remember, God is with you and His timing is always the best! Be patient! Rushing things just because you want to feel better can be devastating. Be patient!

In order to help you better, I will expand on this page as well as the story that is the part of this blog.

So, my dear friends, believe and accept Jesus and what He wants to give you. Just do it! I dare you and charge you to pick up that Bible! Find an easy-to-read version of it and just start reading it. Just do it!


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