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  1. EarthyMan01

    Hi Sinisbal. … Honestly you have no experiences with LGBTQ communities. Even you have a short term experiences doesn’t mean you have the full experience, you have not involved with all various orientations. You are horrible to mock and degrade the LGBTQ communities. Your G+ page is out of Context… I would appreciate it for you to STOP mockery against LGBTQ communities… You are not a certified minister at all. No degree in counseling. .. Go to school and learn how to be a professional. ..

    1. Sinisa (Post author)

      Thank you for visiting. Interesting, I have never heard of anyone willing to change or accept another’s testimony based on that person having or not having a certain degree.
      For everyone reading this: in this comment by earthlyman01 you can see the list of excuses, his excuses, why not to trust my testimony and why not to go through the change himself/herself. At the end of the day, the excuses don’t change anything or anyone and they have nothing to do with the truth of the matter. You who are willing to change and desire to change, make sure to erase your own list of excuses, because as long as you have your own excuses, you won’t get the change that you want, but will keep the door between God and yourself closed. Learn from this. As long as I supported the victim mentality and as long as I was finding a few excuses on why it was hard or impossible to change, that was my reality; I was not restored and healed. But when I grasped the Word of God more and when I decided to trust and to do what needs to be done, then the door opened, slowly but surely, according to what I needed at every point in time. Excuses don’t work in God’s world; faith does.

  2. Isaac

    Hello I’m Isaac I am asexual and would be gay if my parents were not Christian while I was growing up, I could not bring myself to love girl’s in a sexual way and maybe not even in a romantic way I am only 14 so I do not know yet.

    1. Sinisa (Post author)

      Hi Isaac and thanks for your comment. That’s ok- it is completely ok that at your age you haven’t found a girl to love in a sexual or a romantic way. That is more natural at your age than already having sex or being in a sexual relationship. There are many people out there who simply don’t get turned on sexually or emotionally just like that. They are looking for quality, for a substance and not just flimsy and fleeting feelings that anyway change like a weather. Rest assured that regardless of some of your friends talking about hot girls and seeing them really interested in girls, there is nothing wrong with you. Also TV shows and other messages are extremely sexualized these days so it is easy for a young man like you to doubt yourself, if you accept media shows as a reality. Most of them are not a reality and also many of your friends didn’t have any sexual experiences either, and many will not have until later on in life. We guys tend to easily make up stuff too, just to appear stronger and cooler, but we all have our insecurities.
      Your parents love you the most and they definitely know you the best-listen to them even when it doesn’t feel like you should, because they also were 14 years old once and they too dealt with many different feelings in life, so they have a good experience to teach you well.
      It seems like you are attracted to some guys around you. That’s ok. You are not guilty of your feelings. From my first hand experience I can assure you that all those hot gay feelings lead into total self destruction. We men are simply not designed to get a sexual fulfillment through other men, no matter what feelings tell us. I was crazy about guys since just about your age (it started earlier but around 14 or 15 years of age, my emotions grew wilder than before) but through the years of being gay I saw and learned misery, unfulfillment, emptiness and constant yearning. This lead me to Christ. Of course, later on in life you will make your own decisions. Now is the time to learn about feelings, thoughts, what is real and what not. You have everything you need for that: God who loves you, the Bible, your parents and also us who have been where you are now. And we all tell you: Choose God and His Truth.
      If you have any questions or need to resolve a confusion, feel free to write me an e-mail.
      God bless you Isaac. You are good.

  3. Sharon Armke
    The link is to the teaching on the foundations of Christianisty, by Derek Prince, who was a graduate of Cambridge University in England. It is one of the most straightforward teaching I have found regarding the gospel of Christ.
    You, sir, have my utmost respect for what you have done by the respect and obedience you give Christ and the Bible. Christ is the Word of God, He is the Word Incarnate. Keep walking with the LORD, you are helping everyone who discovers this site!

    1. Sinisa (Post author)

      Thank you Sharon. I watched the video and I agree that it has vital information in the light of what my (this) website is about (and overall too). And in the light of that I will point out few crucial points from the video, in order to help to increase the understanding for all of you reading this:
      1. Only Jesus must be your foundation. It is not about doubts and fear, temptations and falling down (I was a champion in all of them). But it IS about the FOUNDATION- as long as you continue in the Word, you will be set free. The Word counts, not temptations;
      2. Jesus is the Bible. Your claim to love Jesus is true only if you love the Bible-all of it;
      3. Love, not fear, motivates us to obedience to God and to following and DOING His Word;
      4. Jesus reveals Himself through KEEPING the Word, His Word; You cannot keep His word and not expect change. Also you cannot do your own thing and claim that you love God; the more you KEEP the Word, the more Jesus will reveal Himself to you, PERSONALLY;
      5. No matter what the world says, there are various degrees of God’s love, and here is how: He loves EVERYONE, He created everyone and everyone is precious to Him. BUT Jesus also said that if anyone loves Him, He and the Father will come to that person and dwell with him. God dwells with people who love Him. So the responsibility to obey and submit to the Word and to desire and love Jesus, is with us, not with God. God loves all but only those who love Him will become His house, the house where He lives. He said it. Whoever becomes His house will be set free of all slavery, including homosexuality;
      6. And finally, the truth that some don’t like, but we who are His, love it: The ONLY proof that you love God and that you care about what He says, is by keeping His commands and by DOING what He says to do, in the Bible. There is no other proof no matter how much we like to fool ourselves. As Derek (the guy in the video) said, keeping God’s Word is the supreme test and a true disciple keeps the Word.

      These are WONDERFUL reminders of the facts to all of you who struggle with homosexuality and are frustrated because you still see no real change: Obey God, Love Jesus and His Word, read it and live it and…that’s it. He didn’t say to feel bad when you are tempted. He didn’t say that you have to show yourself perfect to Him. He said: “Follow me.” Amen. Rejoice and celebrate!! You are loved. So now you can love.
      And I too suggest that you watch the video which link Sharon provided for us here.
      God bless you all!!

  4. Dawn

    I’m a 35-year old woman who has struggled with feelings of bisexuality in the past. But with the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I like you, have ALSO been delivered! And I just wanted to personally thank you for all the WONDERFUL work you’ve started here at ILiveStraight.Com! I can’t thank you enough! Because I know MANY SOULS are getting set free from homosexuality, as a result of your “ministry” on here! Keep up the good work! 😉

    1. Sinisa (Post author)

      Awesome!! Our God is for us, never against us, and so anyone can experience this transforming love and live a new life. I am so blessed to know that one more soul is out of that destructive addiction! God blessed both of us and He will bless all who submit to Him and acknowledge His absolute Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Grace, Mercy and Love.
      It is time for many to grow up by standing over, and not under their emotions and habitual impulses.


  5. Leidy

    You are so awesome, I saw this page like 4 yrs ago on youtube and it made me curious and now i always show people that i know struggle with homosexuality….you are a living testimony GLORY TO GOD!! don’t ever forsake the path of righteousness, our work is not in vain brother God bless you.

    1. Sinisa (Post author)

      Thank you very much! It is awesome to be loved and to share that love with others and see many lives changed for good. I am blessed to know that you understand gay struggle more so you can understand them and if anyone asks, help them.
      God bless you!


  6. Marino

    Your thoughts concerning your sexuality are your personal thing and it’s not my intention to dwell on it.
    However, the effort you’re making in convincing other people you’re right is PLAIN MEAN !
    You’re admittedly confused and how can you possibly think you can guide anyone else in discovering their sexuality? The religion you’ve chosen to keep your gay self at bay is just one of hundreds available to choose from and the Bible is only one book.
    Please stop being mean to others and live the life you want to live.
    I wonder if you’ll have the guts to publish this comment
    cheers and may you be happy and brave

    1. William Powell

      His thoughts concerning sexuality are not his personal thing, his thoughts are grounded on what the Bible says about sexuality. He is not forcing anyone to believe what he is saying, he is not being mean (unless you are talking someone who hacked into his account and was mean that is different). He is not confused and people do not need to discover their sexuality, they are either male or female, there can be no other options according to the Bible whether culture, society, etc says it or not. He has not just chosen a religion, he has become a Christian and begun his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, accepting Him as his personal Savior and sovereign Lord, accepting his death on the cross for all sin (including homosexuality, which goes against God’s plan for sexuality and marriage). He is not keeping his homosexual self at bay, he has shed and is a new creation in Jesus Christ as is said in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Christianity is not just a religion that you can pick from a Chinese food menu of religions and the Bible is not only one book. In every other religion you are required to do works to save yourself and are usually worried if you have not done enough. The Bible claims to be the word of God, it has not be disproven by archaeological discoveries (when the archaeologists said the Bible was incorrect when it mentioned the Hittites, a group finally found that and the Bible was shown to be true). There is even more archaeological examples I could cite here the walls of Jericho, the inscription that has Pilate’s name on it, the Nabonidus cylinder, etc. Christianity is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving your neighbor (not their sin) as yourself. He is not being mean to others, he is just pointing out a different way (by the way why do you care about the way he is living). In Christianity you are not saved by the works you do but by the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross for your sins (rebellion, passive indifference, etc against God) and his resurrection from the dead on the third. He died because he loved the world, to take away God’s righteous wrath against the world, etc and if you believe you will have eternal life. You will have the power through the Holy Spirit to not all the time give into your flesh (the sexual, hedonistic, etc desires of this world). Change is possible through Jesus Christ and Sinisa, Dennis Jernigan, Rosaria Butterfield, Christopher Yuan, a therapist whose last name is King, two people that I know of who left homosexuality, Jackie Hill Perry, and there are others who are sadly silenced, ridiculed, sent death threats, etc because they have rejected the identity that the world wants them to have and have embraced the identity they have in Christ alone. God bless and Jesus loves you. 🙂

  7. Hi:)

    Hi Brother,
    can I ask from which country in Europe are you? (I am from Europe:))


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