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  1. Joey, aka: Ed

    If you are looking for help with the struggle within, you have found the right website. Read the comments closely and hear the concern that this person has for your struggle within. It is possible that you can turn this around. It is possible be be at peace from the feelings and guilt you deal with. Read the comments and watch the videos. I wish you the very best. The sooner you are out of this crap the better. If you feel something tugging on your mind / heart, listen very well. It is simple, follow. You are to follow, simply follow and everything else “will fall into place.” Getting caught up in perfecting ourself first will never work. You follow and everything falls into place.

    Forgiveness is given not captured.

    Read these comments and watch the videos. They are the right path to take. The right path.

    God bless and stay Jesus Bro. You are helping so many people out. Thanks for the encouragement. Remember, it all started with Oceans by Hillsong.

    God bless and be with might. May you continue to be guided by the Helper. May the wind always be to your back.

    Listen to these this compassionate and caring individual He really cares. This is a bright light on a hill, a house built on a solid foundation.

  2. p

    you fucktard
    there is no such thing as god you brainwashed coward religitard * READ SOME SCIENCE & ASTRONOMY etc
    get some cure, as hallucinations are treated.
    being gay is not an illness, being you IS

    IDIOT FUCKTARD DUMBASS you are the problem of today’s society.


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