Sober up and stop flirting with death! Too many of you want out of homosexuality yet you want to keep the same old ways. Not gonna work. You can’t start the new without leaving the old. You can’t walk into the Promised Land by staying in Egypt!

TODAY remove and delete from your PCs, Tablets and Cell phones:

  • Porn sites
  • Gay online chats and your subscriptions to them
  • Phone numbers, E-mail addresses and social media IDs of ALL gays that you contacted in the past for the purpose of doing dirty things over the screen and for the purpose of keeping the needy victim mentality alive. This includes gays that you contacted just for talking, to feel better about yourself
  • All the contact info of ALL gays that you met in the past

TODAY decide to believe the truth that you are

  • Not a loser
  • Not the center of the universe
  • Not a needy, spineless weakling who needs other gays to tell you what you are or are not
  • Free and capable to decide and live what you already know is the best for you
  • Going to live as Bible tells you to live even when it means a total change of thinking and living
  • Courageous to walk ahead until the final, total and complete victory over homosexuality
  • Willing to accept temptations as stepping stones of your growth and not obstacles to be feared
  • Not going to live based on emotions but based on faith, even when it is not seen or felt
  • Loved
  • Important
  • Somebody

This is your reality check!! You either fall in Love with Jesus or you fall in misery of homosexuality. There is nothing in between (unless you really like camping in the desert for another 10 or maybe even 40 years, then good luck with that). Fear not, God already declared that He is with you and for you, so that’s settled. The only thing left to be settled is: are you with you and for you, or are you without you and against you.

According to your faith be it unto you.

We have been so much brainwashed into homosexuality- flush that garbage OUT! Nov/5/2017NEW THINKING HERE!

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