Gay Wish-Nov. 18


Wondering didn’t last too long.

One day my mom told me: ” I spoke to Ester. Her daughters and some family members will go skiing in January. They plan to go to Poland, as the part of a group. Probably the bus or two will be filled. Do you want to go?” she asked while storing the fruit in the fridge.

“Sure! It sounds awesome!” my eyes sparkled.

My thoughts went to my skis, sad and abandoned in a house cellar, not used since the past April.

“I also spoke to Ivanka and Gordana. Probably their sons will go too.”

“Oh, cool, so Luka and Gregor will be there as well.” I concluded looking at her.

“Yes, since all three of you are good friends, I figured it well to call and check if it’s ok with them; and it is.” she smiled softly, knowing how happy I would be.

The day of the trip came too slowly. A 24-hour-drive to Polish mountains waited for us. The bus was packed with young folks. Soon after departure alcohol started to circle among us and the song echoed through the rows of rather old seats. The pattern on them was one from 70-es, probably. At least they could be moved aft and forth. After few sips of Vodka, feeling older and stronger, I joined the singing. Then I remembered how some people used to tell me that I had quite a deep voice for my age. Remembering that, I sang even louder.

I was sitting beside Luka. I sat a bit closer.

By the time of the first stop we all needed to get lighter by visiting the washroom. Upon climbing back onto the old, orange bus that was usually used for city drives and short distances only, slowly but surely the yawning started. Then the sleeping. Luka dozed off and his head fell on my shoulder. I could feel his spiky black hair pricking my neck.

The burst of the new-found energy shot through my body and all the exhaustion left me.

‘This intense closeness feels good.’ I concluded.

Upon arriving to the Czechoslovakian border, the last one before entering Poland, we were awaken with concerned voices of some of the passengers. I looked in a confusion and I saw the border police with machine guns walking around our bus. The border crossing looked dirty with a dull white paint peeling off the office building walls. The garbage bins were filled to the brim.

Pointing to one of the grim-faced police men, Doris said: “The last time this guy smiled was probably 20 years ago.” The laughter was sudden and spontaneous.

“Shhh” the driver said in alarm, looking quickly toward us and then back to the police men, as if trying to catch some police body movement or a sign that would indicate immediate shooting of everyone laughing.

None happened. After a routine passport check and some eight more hours of driving, the bus was parked in front of our hotel. No snow. No skiing.

Luka and I entered the room that we would share. Opposite the entrance door there was a big balcony door and since it was on ground floor it was obvious that we would use it to go in and out, rather than the regular entrance. Secretly I smiled: Our beds were to the right of the entrance and the two beds were put together.


‘Yes! We will sleep together. Now all I need to find is the way to show him I liked him and attract him somehow.’ My thoughts were wild.

I sat on the bed and watched him remove his shoes.

“I like Doris. She is so sexy with her nice bum and all.” Luka said enthusiastically while unzipping his blue suitcase.

Then he turned to me and said: “Do you wanna take the shower first or shall I ?”

“I don’t know. If you wanna take it first, that’s fine, but I kind of smell bad. Why don’t we take it together?” While passing my fingers through my wavy blond hair I practically froze once I realize what I’ve just said.

“Yea, sure. No chance man.” he chuckled. ” Ok, you go first and I’ll dream about Doris in the mean time.” he concluded, crashing onto the bed.

Getting into the shower, I left the bathroom door half open.


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