Richard- April 8


I woke up.
“Yes! It’s happening! It’s finally happening!” I was almost jumping in my bed. The door was closed and my mom was in the kitchen so there was no fear of being overheard.

‘Oh my god, he’s so cool.’ I raised my arms and passed my fingers through my hair, not yet believing it fully. ‘ Those lips, those eyes…I am with the man, finally together. Finally to touch and know his body!’ In my mind I went through all the details of the previous nights’ encounter with Richard. The more I did, the more sexually aroused I became, even though I was alone in my bed.
‘He was so excited when I touched him and so hot when we kissed. Awesome! Awesome!’ the thoughts were rushing through my mind. ‘I am so glad that he liked me. I wasn’t so hot for him. Actually now I feel more stirred and on fire than in the car. Well, never mind, it was good and he was happy.’

My eyes wandered toward the desk where the book lying flat open shot reminders of the approaching exam. I sat up. I looked at my feet. ‘My toes are short. I wish I had longer toes like many men have. That’s so sexy and powerful. Hopefully I’m good enough for Richard.’ I sighed.
‘Ok, time to eat, time to study.’

“Mooom, anything for breakfast?” I yelled from the top of my lungs, knowing that I needed to reach her ears through the closed door, hallway and radio playing.

The phone rang. “Hello?”
“Hey, it’s Ivan.”
“Hey, how are you?” I asked not really caring to know. Richard was on my mind. I was a bit anxious if Ivan knew anything what was going on.
“I’m good. Richard wants to go out again, with you. So I can drop him off or you can pick him up later and you can show him more of the city.” My heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know. He said it happily because he didn’t want to take Richard around the city himself. Ivan was a straight guy. I liked him before and I tried everything to have him, but nothing worked.

Not to sound too eager and ready to see Richard, I said:
“Hmm, I don’t know. I need to study first.” I didn’t mean it.
“Oh, no problem, if and whenever you’re free, it’s fine.” Ivan replied.
“Ok, then drop him off around 6 pm here, at my place.” I said quickly, before the conversation could turn into deciding that we could not meet.
“Great! Talk to you later.” Ivan hung up.

I stared toward the window but in my mind I was already in the car with Richard.                                                              

“Sinisa!” mom called.
“Before you make any plans I hope you remember that you need to help me with that wardrobe in the bedroom. We need to empty it and clean it. I’ve been asking you for four days now and no more excuses please. Then go where ever you wanna go.” She didn’t leave room for discussion.
I rolled my eyes. ‘Shoot, I forgot.’

“Sure, can a take the car tonight?” this was the best time to ask, while still in semi-negotiation talk.
“Of course you can.” Mom confirmed.
“Thanks. Can we start with that wardrobe now?”




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