The Fall-March 21


The summer came to town. The schools were out and the final University exams were creeping to an end. The street asphalt was heating the air with no mercy, determined to burn to dust anything that stepped on it.

‘Two more exams and my second year is done. Wow, the time flies.’ I thought while sipping the hot coffee in my front yard, sitting under the canopy of the thick vine leaves. The sound of downtown was distant and I could almost hear the buzz of children and teenagers on many of the city beaches.

‘I can’t wait to plunge myself into the sea’ the thought occurred while opening the “Macroeconomics” book.

The phone rang. Slightly annoyed but still happy to be interrupted, I picked it up.

“Yes?” I said briefly to announce that I didn’t have time to chat.

“Hey, it’s me. What’s up?” It was Ivan.

“You know, the exam is in two days.” I replied with boredom.

“You’ll pass.” He said in an easy-going way that was supposed to wipe all the worry away. “Listen, I have a friend here. He flew in from the States three days ago. I want you to meet us. Let’s go for a beer or something. He’s getting bored in my home.”

I could understand that. Ivan lived in suburbs and I could totally see that there was nothing there to do, after the initial amazement was gone.

“Ok, then see you guys at 9 pm.” I concluded.

The evening came. The streets were busy with people enjoying the fresh breeze of the light wind blowing from the sea, gently cooling the ground. Dozens of cafes opened up their patios for thirsty passer-byes.

“Sinisa, this is Richard.” Ivan said. We shook hands.

‘Hmm, nice American guy. Pretty face and nicely shaped body.’ I reckoned while looking at him silently.

The small talk began. The beer came. And another one.

Is it me or is Richard paying more attention to me than it’s politely expected?’ I observed him.

‘Hey, he is observing me.’ I felt the rush of excitement in me. I didn’t have time to grasp what was happening, I was enjoying the ride.

Soon our eyes were locked on each other and the world disappeared. I was honestly hoping that Ivan didn’t ask me something, because I couldn’t have heard it anyway.

At some point in time unknown to me, Ivan looked at his wrist watch: “Oh, it’s midnight already. Richard, we should go. My parents will want to wake us up early for that trip tomorrow.” He looked at Richard.

Without thinking I jumped in:” Oh, c’mon, I can tell Richard is having a good time. Let’s have one more drink. Relax.”

There was something in that mix of beer, Richard’s eyes and the calm summer evening that turned me on.

“No, I’m tired.” Ivan concluded with no intention to give in.

“No problem, I’ll take him home later.” I said, also with no intention to give in.

“Sure, that’s the great idea.” I was surprised how Richard agreed with me so quickly.

“Ivan, I don’t want to stop you but I really wanna stay. I’ll be quiet when I come to your home.” he added.

So Ivan left and within seconds both Richard and I knew that we were not ordering any more drinks. I checked my pocket for the car-keys. They were there. Good.

We silently got up and walked to my car. After slamming onto the car seats, without a single word, our lips came together.

I fell into the long-cherished desire. Even though his lips were cold, it was the excitement that something was finally happening in my sexual life, that I liked. The excitement that the guy wanted me.
The excitement that I could feel and touch what I previously could only imagine.

The excitement that almost made me miss a little detail: I wasn’t feeling horny.


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