Martha, Martha…


Reading the Bible. Yes, there are plenty of you who want the change in your life and you kind of don’t want to read the Bible. Let me tell you that there were times when I was afraid to read it. During a phase in my healing process I had a feeling that the more I read it, the worse I got. Of course, that was not the truth. What was happening was that there was a clash of old and new, a conflict of the sin in me and the real, pure me. That conflict created some fear. But it could not last. I have been encouraged by my friend to keep on reading.  She knew what I was dealing with. I realized that there was no room for retreat.

You need to understand that the enemy is trying to fill your mind with perversion, low self-esteem, doubt, fear and garbage anyway, and he does it all day long. If he is relentless in trying to destroy you, why shouldn’t you become relentless and read the Bible daily, in order to start filling your mind with hope, faith, confidence, peace, purity and loveliness? The process will enable you to become stronger by starting to understand who you truly are, by realizing how much you are loved and by realizing that the sin cannot have the power over you once you give your trust to Jesus Christ! You will be able to repent and stop sinning because you will see the ugliness of sin.

For you who don’t have the habit of reading the Bible, know that it is your responsibility. It is not your pastor’s, friend’s or neighbour’s responsibility. It is not God’s responsibility. It is yours.

It is the only weapon you will ever need, and it is the only weapon you need! Got it?

On my way to victory, I made the Bible the priority in my life. It didn’t matter how little or much I understood it. The increasing of understanding was and is God’s job. My job was to keep reading it. Slowly but surely I started to pay more attention to the words in the Bible, I started to think about them and this led to more clarity. With clarity and understanding I implemented The Word into my thinking and living.

If you are still not certain if you should read the Word of God, let me ask you this: If you don’t show up for the class, if you don’t study at home, if you don’t show up for work, will you pass the exam? Will you get paid? Will you get promoted? Not likely.

It is the same with the spiritual battle you are in: If you use the Bible, if you let the Words of it sink deep into your whole being, you can have the victory and all the promises of God for those who believe. All of them!

The bad news is that it is up to you. The good news is that it is up to you.

In the Gospel Of Luke, chapter 10: 38-42, we read about the meeting of Jesus with Mary and her sister Martha. In a nutshell, Martha was busy with all kind of activity and did not pay too much attention to her guest – Jesus.  Mary, on the other hand, as soon as Jesus entered her home, left everything and sat at His feet, to listen, to admire, to learn. After Martha complained to Jesus about Mary, Jesus told her that only one thing is needed and that Mary chose wisely. She chose Jesus.

What do you choose? Who do you choose? You choose. Choose wisely.

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