What’s that?


Bob: What’s what?
Joe: This. Oh, here comes another one.
Bob: What comes?
Joe: You don’t see it but I have them here in my head. Wow, here is another one!
Bob: Ah those! Those are your thoughts. They are yours’ and everyones’.

Joe: Really?
Bob: Really. We all have thoughts. Thousands of them. Always. Day in, day out.
Joe: No way, these are my thoughts. They are who I am.
Bob: Are you sure?
Joe: Positive!
Bob: Ok, tell me what you thought five seconds ago?
Joe: Hmm, I remembered a hamburger photo from somewhere. I was thinking if I should eat it later.
Bob: Ok, what happened then? What was the next thought?
Joe: I thought that I still have 120 pages to read and the exam is in two days.
Bob: Ok, and then?
Joe: Just now I looked at that guy over there. He has beautiful eyes.

Bob: Good! Now tell me do you want to eat hamburger today?
Joe: No way, I had lunch an hour ago. I’m full.
Bob: Do you think you will fail the exam?
Joe: Now when I think of it, no. I always pass somehow.
Bob: And will you go to that man with beautiful eyes?
Joe: No, it was just a thought.
Bob: Aha it was just a thought. So how then you think that your thoughts are who you are?
Joe: Err, I dunno.                   

Thoughts come and go and no thought is more important than any other thought. Our attention is what gives the power to the thought. You probably cannot choose all the thoughts that come into your mind, but you can choose which thoughts to feed, which thoughts to give and pay attention to and which thoughts to ignore and let them go out in the same way- easy way- they got in.

We all have the power to choose what to think about, what to dwell on, which thoughts to feed with our attention. As long as you don’t believe that you can choose what to think about most of the time, you are a slave to your mind and a slave to your feelings and body. Because the feelings that you now have are the result of all the thoughts that went through your mind over and over again and you accepted them as your reality.

Being the master of your thoughts, feelings and life is more fun. It is freedom!

Here is the exercise: For the next two minutes (only!), observe your thoughts. Do not label them “good” or “bad”. Simply observe them.

All or them mean nothing if you decide not to go after them. And those thoughts that you chose and decided to be important in your life (for various reasons and motives), they begin to mean something. You choose, you decide what is important in your life for you as a person.

Whatever you choose to think about more and more will grow more and more, and eventually it will become your life.
Then one day you will say: “This is who I am!”

You forgot that you have become this who you are now. In the same way, now you can become somebody new, but this time you can choose what to become.
Go ahead, become new!

You think you can’t? Choose Jesus and you will see that you can and that you will!                                                                 

You and Jesus together.





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